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Handmade Shells



Hello! I am Aparajita.

Did you know that Aparajita is the Indian name for a Blue Flower, commonly called Butterfly Pigeon-wings? In India, it has a holy relevance and is offered to Lord Shiva and used in many rituals. Hence, the name Blue Bloom Aparajita! My habit of Gifting paved my destiny.

I would make personalised gifts for friends, until lately I realised that I could reach so many people and my art pieces might find a space in many unknown homes. All of my handmade pieces are mostly and all Home Accents, which means they accentuate the space they are placed in. Most of them have a calming, soothing, quite spiritual feel to them, very Zen/Zorba like essence in all.

143079 (1920×1280).jpg

I follow the Buddha in every way I am guided to. I believe Peace and Love can transient across all races and all lives. Blue Bloom is not what I'd thought really of my life, but Destiny pulls the strings, mostly unknowingly. Thank you for reading My Journey. Hope my art pieces find a space in your Hearts and unto your Homes. Wish to mention specially, that a portion of proceeds of my sales go in donations for stray animals and children in my country.

You contribute. When you buy!

My Grandfather always taught us to share with the needy! You don't have to pay anything extra when you purchase my products. Everything Blue-Bloom makes, has a share which goes to benefit STRAY ANIMALS.

Color Tiles

Great work by Blue Bloom Aparajita. The hand-made clay plate painted and a personal diary with a customised cover is what I had ordered for a special occasion. Very impressive work and truly artistic. Appreciate the work of art and the effort taken by the artist Aparajita for these customised gifts . Very beautiful stuff is out there at blue bloom Aparajita, so guys go for it 👍👍👍.

Snehal Sahay 
Actor / TV Personality


Happy Shopping!
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