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As the festive season draws in, we all want a change and want to look fresh. We glam up our wardrobes and home and workspace. Here, let us look at our homes which is where we spend almost all our time, given the current situation. Autumn Cleaning as we all know is what we Indians keep aside all our plans for cleaning and making our homes look and feel fresh. Whereas it’s not only a healthy and hygienic practice to follow this regime every year, it’s also important we style up our homes. As a product and accessories designer, I have a few smart, trendy tips for you. Read along as I share my ideas below.


The most inexpensive way to make a room look fresh and new is by adding a colour or a fresh coat of paint. Ofcourse you could treat them with a little more attention is by adding wallpaper. The possibilities are unending.

While a White coat of paint could just liven up and freshen up the space, adding in textures would be a better idea. You could even focus on an accent wall which has a contrasting colour or even a sudden splash of brightness. It could well be wall papered too. No matter what your style is, you could always sanitize your homes by changing the colour and pattern on your walls.

TIP: Pick up your paint brush, markers and colours and get on a stool and sketch your walls. I did foliage on my white walls, and they suddenly brought so much colour and brightness to my white walls. I was in a rental, please make sure your landlord has given you a green for this project, if you’re a renter like me. See picture no.3.


An element we almost always neglect are curtains. In our rooms. Curtains give length to our rooms. The texture also gives a statement to our rooms. Lighter textured, translucent, lighter colours or light weight curtains give a bright, airy, light feel to our rooms. Whereas darker colours, larger patterns, heavier fabrics give our room more pattern and more depth. So many people use light weight curtains like linens or nets for rooms which get less natural light. While the people who have very bright rooms which often get too much natural sunlight, might want to cool their rooms with heavier curtains. Always use full length curtains for both windows as well as doors. Shorter length curtains leave our eyes for the free space beneath the curtains and make the room look smaller.

TIP: You may try to raise the curtain rods by atleast a foot over the window. Raising the curtain rods will elongate the space that the curtain hangs in and

raise the eye while you enter the room, giving an impression that the room is large and spaced out.


We often look at the walls and ceilings but forget the floor altogether. The bulky carpets may be removed, and you might want to invest in some handloom rugs/ dhurries. They are inexpensive and make the floor look light and more meaningful. They are so light and washable. You could pop them into your washing machine when you feel they need a good wash, and you don’t need to get them dry cleaned. Since they are made with jute/ cotton/wool, they give this eco-friendly feel and look to your styled space. Patterns that are most trendy are Moroccan ones which have beautiful colours and patterns. The other ones are simple geometric patterns with not too many colours which give a minimalist or a boho feel to the space.

TIP: Do not buy a huge carpet, rather go for area rugs. This is a smart way to separate your hall/ studio apartment into sections as they need to serve.


Plants are best friends when it comes to any room décor. Infact, no matter what your room style is, plants always do justice to the look and statement. As a renter, I had a huge balcony, and I always had a few plants which have been my keeps. Plants like Palms, Arica palm, Sansevieria, Spider plant, Jade plant, Succulents, Cactus, Zizi Plants, Money plants, Snake plants, Aloe Vera plants, and other simple green plants need very little attention, and they keep your space looking green and fresh. All these plants work as air purifiers, so they are doctors at home for us. You could colour the planters and make your window -sills or your table or even your shelves look magical and styled. Some people might not find enough time to care for plants. They could go for artificial green plants and shrubs. We find many inexpensive versions these days. TIP: Try and create a herb wall by adding all your herbs in small planters and having them close to your kitchen.


Accents always add the touch of glam and oomph required in a room. Home accents are just as important as it is to accessorize your outfits. As an accessories designer, I will never miss this and feel accessories are tremendously important to complete the look. Let us look at 5 ways to accentuate your rooms.

A- Selection of the right home décor accent pieces will give it a style. Your style could be anything from Boho to eclectic to traditional or contemporary or even minimalistic, the room needs to have accent décor pieces.

TIP: Do not over accessorise the space, it can look cluttered. The idea is to keep a focal point and move around it to make the room look balanced. Focal point could be a painting or an accent wall or even a couch or an aquarium or even a Wall with a Picture gallery.

B- Personality Touch through the choice of accent pieces. Home would reflect your story and your style. Hence, it’s important to think of the character or the personality of the pieces you pick. You might have a minimalist home with one small eclectic piece which will not only enhance the area but also give out the side of your personality which you might want to exhibit.

C- A décor accent piece adds colour, sometimes you might wish to add a complementary colour or even a supplementary colour to your space. The supplementary colours are those that support and give it more balance.

TIP: As a quick example you can check the picture below. The turq blue base of the table is the primary colour here. Complementing this is the bright fuchsia to bring out the glam in the set up. If you see closely there is a wine colour which just supports and gives a completeness alongwith that is a hint of silver to give it another texture of a festive feel.

D- Accent pieces can be eye catching and can draw attention of guests. For example a sculpted piece or a painting or even an expensive gadget could do the job.

E- For décor pieces you definitely do not need to get any professional help or interior stylist/designer/decorator. If you know your style, and you love your home, you will know how to style it up with the right piece. You must always look at styling with accents.

Hope this article was helpful and hope it helps you style your homes and your hearts a little more the Blue Bloom way! Having said this, if you need any help at all, that’s where I, at Blue Bloom am here to help and take your room/space from boring to glam. Visit and DM me for any more such Home Styling worries.

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