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Welcome to Blue Bloom Aparajita!

Updated: Jun 22, 2021

I am so excited to bring my art and craft works, a step closer to you.

Apart from my global presence on Etsy I am now bringing forth my website. I hope you will like it as we go forward. I would be immensely delighted to receive your emails, comments or even blogs to be included as part of this journey. I am curating every aspect of this as we embark on this together.

For all of you who have just stopped by

I am not trained in any skill form and have picked up all of these along the way. My products reflect me, my thoughts. I am a very optimistic individual and all the accents carry this essence. My friends and clients who have customized pieces from me would also vouch for the same. All my pieces are mostly Home accents and a few which cater to personal belongings. I make Clay articles. Air dry clay being a material I personally grew fond of immediately as I took it to my hands. The products include Candle holders, Incense stick holders, Wall-plates, Ring dishes, Trinket boxes, Notebook/Diary/ Journal covers, Table stationary, Clay miniatures, etc.

Why Home Accents?

Having always been associated with large brands as an Accessories designer, I have an eye for what accessories to add to the ensemble, that gives it oomph. Since garments and accessories was what I had done all my life, I started to challenge myself and move out of my comfort zone. I took up my pencils, my brushes again after 18 long years of export house life. Although I loved my job, I was dissatisfied somehow and I started sketching, even doodling. Clay came during this course and I am glad it did. It gave me a whole new meaning as I moulded and sculpted small items and thereby gradually picked up to slightly larger pieces. Since Air dry Clay has limitations of use which you will get an insight of later from me, I thought Home accents were the perfect solution, whereby you could keep an accent piece in a corner and it would surely brighten and light it up. Just like an accessory in any ensemble, it is added to give garments completeness. My accent pieces have only one thought as they decorate your spaces and that is – adding the Optimistic Touch!

Limitations of Air Dry Clay

Air Dry Clay cannot be used for holding anything which we consume. It is not bio-degradable. It is surely Eco-Friendly, Non Toxic and child safe. It cannot be kept very close to water as it is not completely waterproof. We do seal them with sealers and varnishes but over a period pf time, they could crack and break due to moisture. They do have a shelf life cos of this property. But hey, my products are Home Accents and who wants them forever, we would want different pieces for different seasons/occasions, don’t we?

For all who know me

I want each one of you to know that you have been a tremendous aid in helping me achieve my dreams with this brand. Each one of you have supported me by not just buying off of me but also complimenting me with your testimonials and spreading the word around. I thank you from the bottom of my heart and want you to know that I shall forever remain humbled and grateful for all of you. Please keep loving and supporting me as you have done all the while. I never forget you all while making give-aways. You know I love gifting. Hope you enjoy my website and come by to say hello every now and then.

I wind up my Welcome Blog with my good wishes. Keep showering your love on me.

Connect with me for gift ideas. See you soon!



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