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Artist's Plea

Artists are sensitive people. We see things in a different perspective and thus we create things. While the world has become smaller thru the internet and social media apps, everything has become as close as our fingertips and every art piece has gained plausible audience. I strongly believe that whatever I think today, has already been thought over by someone in some part of the world at sometime. Which means there is no genuine creativity. We evolve, we create from ideas and inspirations. We research.

Just as the Corona virus spread a trauma around the world at the same time and the biggest lockdown in history was registered, people went jobless and a sudden inflation and crisis hit everyone globally. The world made people realise jobs aren't as safe as they used to be in the 80s and 90s. Hence, the start up campaigns erupted in full swing. Many many artists and even non artists - posing as artists, began their own enterpreneurship projects. In order to mint fast bucks, those non artists blocked the way of the artists. They copied, they made sure they become art influencers, they put in money to buy promotions, they advertised their works (copied mostly) through YouTube channels and Reels on IG. They have huge number of followers now and they ironically post (art material) haul videos. Sure they make efforts to pull ideas from elsewhere and copy.

Artist's are self motivated people. They see enough foolishness around but don't stop their journey or believing in their passion. In our country, unfortunately, we lack art connoisseurs. Thus, the business of an artist is very risky. We don't get keen buyers. We might have people who appreciate but not people who are willing to pay. Even if they do place an order, they ask for discounts and offers. While discounts and offers are great but they are promotional tools only. They encourage the audience to become buyers for items which are stuck in the inventory for long, mostly. I also find a lot of people say "oh that's an easy craft I can make myself"... I feel like sayin- Oh well why didn't you?! Thus rejecting the art piece.

I find YouTube channel crafters sometimes copy my work and if/when I point out, they tell me there is no proof of their theft. For that matter I might have stolen their art idea, .. ahem!

I also have friends who never paid for the piece they bought off me, calling it their "gift". I also have friends who definitely acknowledge that my work is good but immediately show off their own artworks as if telling me " I can also make crafts, why do I buy from you?" So there are also few friends who pay in installments, friends who pay me a month later, friends who say, "that's nice but way expensive for this thing. I can buy printed one on Amazon for lesser price."

The journey is tough, but I chose to be an artist. I left my well paying job in 2019 and decided that I will put in 200% at making this work and then too if it doesn't work, I will get back to job. My friends from then, know my struggle to make ends meet, to pay bills, to live alone, to fight alone. Yet I embarked on this journey. I surely can make YouTube videos and I know my followers will increase triple fold overnight. I know people would love to see how my art pieces metamorphosize. Maybe soon. I have to sort out my tools and equipments. I put in lots of efforts and time. My eyes ache, my back strains. I get bloated working sometimes. I do everything for each project from designing, to sourcing from markets, to making the product, to packaging and packing and sometimes even deliver to people in the same city or to the local post office. That apart social media postings, website management, my photoshoots...etc etc. Most people will never understand what goes into the making of an artist. As a sensitive artist I can say, when people buy a product from my website, it actually makes my day. While I enjoy each piece that I make with as much interest and love, it's also important for me to earn some money. This money as of now cannot support my life or pay my bills....but it can encourage me to further believe in myself that I am not wrong in following my heart.

I request each one reading this blog to respect an artist and sometimes buy their stuff. It only encourages us. Also if you can, just not be judgemental and have more empathy for artists, world will surely become more creative and colourful. :)

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