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Autumn Festivals

Autumn has relevance in every country, race and religion. Since Autumn ushers in the cold, harsh season Winter, we welcome it warmly and with more colour, grace and festivity. So that, all our memories keep us warm during the cold months ahead.

Autumn, in India, brings in our Festival starting with Ganpati Utsav or Ganesh Chaturthi which is a festival of religious worship of the much loved, elephant headed God as per Hindu Mythology, Lord Ganesha. Almost a month after the onset of Ganesh Utsav, we have another religious and cultural Festival called Durga Puja. Goddess Durga or the Mother of Lord Ganesha is worshipped for 10 days again. Out of which 9 days are called Navratri and the last day is called Vijaya Dashami. As per Hindu Mythology, Mother Goddess had defeated the Demon Mahishasura, also depicting a win of Good over Evil. In the Eastern parts of the country, Durga Puja is culturally and religiously practiced on the last 5 days. There is food, colour, chaos, music, art, fun and humungous frolic in the urban as well as rural parts in the East. The time is celebrated so, as we believe Lord Rama had done the worship of ma Durga during these days. The worship he performed in his time, to fight with a valiant, equal in power Demon King Ravana, who had abducted Lord Rama's wife Sita. In this fight for justice, Rama needed the blessings of the Goddess of Power, Strength, Justice and Mercy: Goddess Durga. This untimely worship of Goddess Durga is called "Akaal Bodhan" which means "Ushering in a Different Time". On the 10th day of the "Navratri" days, Rama was believed to have defeated and killed Ravana and his clan, thus winning the fight of justice and righteousness. Lord Rama is the King who is believed to have started the "Sanatan Dharma", or the "Rules/ Constitution by which Hindus must lead their lives". He is called the Lord as he is the human incarnation of Lord Vishnu. Lord Vishnu is termed as the Protector of human race and thus it fell upon his duty to reincarnate and exemplify the followers the righteous path of life.

Diwali is celebrated about another month from Durga Puja. This was the day when Lord Rama had returned to his homeland after winning over Ravana alongwith his wife Sita and brother Lakshmana. The fervour is extended to lighting diya and tea lights and worshipping Lord Ganesha and Lord Lakshmi ( who are brother and sister as per Mythology). Lord Ganesha is worshipped as he is also a protector from evil and the most loved God. Goddess Lakshmi is worshipped as she is the Goddess of wealth and success. Hence Diwali ushers in good health and prosperity. On the same night in the East of India, Goddess Kali is also worshipped. She is the devourer of evil herself. Hence, the longest no moon night is when she is worshipped to slay all evil.

With this, the Hindu festivals give way to the Halloween and later the most loved year ending Festival Christmas. Yes, in India, we celebrate almost all festivals. Such is our country, vibrant, much loved, colourful and respectful towards all races and cultures.

So, me, Aparajita at Blue Bloom, convey my warm regards for the onset of Festival season. Hope y'all have a great year ahead. Please do have a look at the products and we can put our heads together to customize gifts for your loved ones. Don't forget to use the Coupon code for 20% discount. Happy Gifting.

Much Love.

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